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Darryl Green

Hurricane Matthew Aftermath

A day after the massive category 3-4 hurricane Matthew blew thew my home town of Jacksonville, fl. I went out at first light to see if i could capture damage thoughout my area. I did not have to look very far when i saw a huge tree in my front yard that had taken a plunge. The amazing thing about the tree falling is that underneath the tree is a tree house. And if the tree would have dropped atleast 2 inches more it would have been destroyed. Im happy no one was hurt and the tree can be moved. As i left i decide to head to the island of Black Rock to see if the Drift wood had been moved and see how different it would really look.  As i took a look around i saw a huge change, most of the trees were gone or buried in sand. That just shows that mother nature wanted a change and she got it.