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Darryl Green

School Bus Graveyard

On my travels up to the northern Georgia boarder i found this amazing artwork on the side of the road. I turned around and had to get a closer look, up a steep hill i saw buses as far as the eye could see covered in some of coolest graffiti i have seen in a while. I walked around for a bit and found the a entryway, once i got close to the front i meet a guy that said this is as far as i could go. We had a quick chat and i found out he is the man behind the artwork. He told me that he has been painting there for over 4 years and the landowners allow it as-long as people dont break,take,or not  be cool. With that being said he allowed me to take more photos and here they are. The School Bus Graveyard in Hwy 365.

School Bus Graveyard from Darryl Green on Vimeo.