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Spring Feels

Flowers make me happy. Im working on a new series called Evelyn’s Garden. My Grandmother loved flowers and its been on my heart to capture the beauty see once saw. With that in mind i hope you enjoy these wonderful images.

Minnehaha Falls

With a nice drive though the northern Georgia back roads close to Lake Rabun, there is a hidden but popular treasure. A wooden Fence post with the name of the falls is your indicator that you are at the trail head. Its a short mild hike to the 100 foot […]

School Bus Graveyard

On my travels up to the northern Georgia boarder i found this amazing artwork on the side of the road. I turned around and had to get a closer look, up a steep hill i saw buses as far as the eye could see covered in some of coolest graffiti […]

Kentucky Lake

Once i heard the faint noise of life giving water, i began to head toward the soothing sounds. Once out the brush I found myself looking at a huge lake with a Dam in the Kentucky mountains. Some can drive to this location, I choose the adventure route and hiked […]


From crashing waves to gentle sloshes, the coming tide cleans big to small nuisances. Everyday is a clean slate to begin anew or add to the saga. Learning from mistakes is what can make you great, and keeping your goals vividly in your mind will allow you to capture your […]

Rise and Shine

As this new day begins the sun will rise and set, it will shine on some and hide behind light to dark clouds for others. No matter how it may glow on you, the chance to seize the day is given with every breath and positive action and gesture. A […]

Foggy Mornings in the Woods

With all of the sea fog coming into my area i ventured out to capture mother nature as she began to wake. With out a doubt this is one of my favorite times to shoot, its full of drama and peacefulness at the same time. With about 1hr of walking […]

Foggy Mornings In Jacksonville

After a nice cup of coffee from Chamblins Book Store in downtown Jacksonville, i set off on a little adventure to shoot some buildings in the early morning fog. As i walked, it was not to many steps before i noticed the top of buildings missing, i sat my tripod […]

River Fog

With so much fog in the area i had to stop of the side of the road and get the image of the fishermen. Go Explore